Superfast Series 1-75


In 1967 Mattel introduced Hot Wheels diecast cars with their Spectraflame colours and advertising as "fastest metal cars in the World!"
Hot Wheels quickly gained popularity and forced Lesney to come up with a competing product. The Superfast line of models with thinner axles and wheels were introduced in 1969.
Initially, a few of the existing 1-75 Regular Wheels models were converted to Superfast. Those models are now referred to as transitional Superfast. They are
essentially the Regular Wheels models fitted with different axles and wheels. The Regular Wheels series gradually changed over to Superfast and new models
were introduced in response to the offerings from Mattel. Many of the new models represented Hotrods and fantasy cars and no longer the typical cars seen on the road.
The collection detailed in these pages is mostly focussed on the Regular Wheels and only a small number of Superfast models are included in the collection.


Mercedes Truck


Mercedes Trailer


Honda Motorcycle and Trailer


Ford Zodiac MK IV


DAF Girder Truck


Mercury Commuter