Commer Pickup

Production Period: 1958-1963

Model of a Commer light pickup truck. Trucks such as these would have been rated at 9 CWT (~1000 lbs).
One of several Commer vehicles in the 1-75 collection. The name Commer derives from "Commercial" as the
the company focused primarily on vans and other assorted commercial vehicles.


John Deere Tractor

Production Period: 1964-1968

A model of a John Deere 700 tractor. Note that the name on the side includes "LANZ".
John Deere acquired German tractor manufacturer Heinrich Lanz in 1956.
No. 51B is the matching trailer.


Ford Kennel Truck

Production Period: 1969

Interesting and unique model with many features including metallic paint, removable top,
a sprue with figures and steerable wheels. The model is based on a Ford F-100 and is very
similar to No. 6D.