Coca Cola Lorry

Production Period: 1957-1959

Model of the 2 ton Karrier Bantom outfitted as a Coca Cola delivery truck. The Model has the same cab as No. 38A.
Very precise casting that includes the bottle tops for each bottle in the load.

Variations 1 and 2:
Early versions of the model included staggered loading of the boxes of bottles. Later versions
had a uniform arrangement of boxes.
The side plate decal included versions with different size "Coca Cola" logo.


Coca Cola Lorry

Production Period: 1960-1965

Similar model to 37A except that 37B has a base plate rather than an open base.


Dodge Cattle Truck

Production Period: 1966-1969

A fairly common model of a Dodge truck configured as a cattle transporter. Model came with two
plastic white bulls. Tailgate is hinged along the bottom to form a ramp when open. The model
shares the cab casting with the Dodge Stake Truck No. 4D.