Bedford Wreck Truck

Production Period: 1955-1957

Small scale early version Matchbox model based on the Bedford 'O' Series trucks. Basic model with no interior finishing, metal wheels
and pinched axels.


Bedford Wreck Truck

Production Period: 1958-1960

A slightly larger version of No. 13A. Note the difference in the shape of the rear side walls.


Thames Wreck Truck

Production Period: 1961-1964

Another tow (wreck) truck model in the series. The model's side signage references AA for "Automobile Association" and
RAC for "Royal Automobile Club". Many models in the 1-75 series include a tow slot to which the hook could grab and tow the vehicle.


Dodge Wreck Truck

Production Period: 1965-1969

A more modern looking tow truck based on a Dodge D-100 cab. Along with the 8-Wheel Crane No. 30C, one of the most iconic of the Matchbox
series models. Front and side badges show "KEW" indicating the model is based on the British made trucks manufactured at Kew.

Variation 1:

Some models included square BP stickers and others had an angled corner to match the body panel shape.