Mechanical Horse & Trailer (Grey)

Production Period: 1955-1957

A splendid model with detachable trailer. Very small scale early Matchbox release.
Such three wheeled vehicles were originally designed to replace horse drawn wagons for local
deliveries. The model is listed as the "Mechanical Horse", but it appears to be based on the
Scammell Scarab which is the successor to the Scammell Mechanical Horse.


Mechanical Horse & Trailer (Tan)

Production Period: 1958-1960

10B is a somewhat larger and slightly more elaborate version of 10A.


Sugar Container Truck (Tate & Lyle)

Production Period: 1961-1965

A nice model based on the Foden S21. Side and rear decals display the Tate & Lyle company name. Interestingly,
the Tate of Tate & Lyle funded the original Tate Art Gallery. The model shown below has reproduction side decals.
The rear decal is original and does not include a crown over the company name.


Pipe Truck

Production Period: 1966-1970

Common model based on the Leyland Octopus. Originally delivered with 6 or 7 pipes connected to a sprue.
Model shown with silver grill and baseplate. The cab design was used for various models.

Variation 1:

The model can be found with different base plates, one with a tow slot and label "ERGOMATIC CAB" and the
other without a tow slot and the label "LEYLAND No. 10". Otherwise the models had the same casting.